Billings Dream Team

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul,

 Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal."

A Message From Your

Senior National Director ~  Blair Billings

I have never in my 26 years in this business been so excited about your future and mine. 2015 has already been an incredible year of explosive growth for the many amazing women on the Billings Team!! To date we have added over 2023 NEW Spa Girls on the Billings Family & the year has just begun!!!

Be sure to check the website calendar for all upcoming events and RSVP! Start posting your good news under Good News and give us your best tips that help you to succeed!!!! I love that in BeautiControl we learn as we pamper others. Truly the only secret is get on weekly calls, get to events and SPA YOUR HEART OUT! Check out our new BeautiControl You Tube Channel ~ you will see many life changing stories and why I have stayed here for 26 years!!!  BeautiTV

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Travel the world with me---we just returned from Paris & next year our trip is to FIJI!!!!!! Ask Me How To Join!!!